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Based in San Pedro/Long Beach, we will help you plan, arrange and conduct the perfect memorial for your loved one. We work with you to create the appropriate "final voyage" based upon your needs or wishes specified by the decedent. We do burials off the the coast of Newport Beach, Dana Point, Long Beach, San Pedro, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles and Catalina Island!

Our services include ashes and full body sea burials. Service often begins with the captain asking guests to recall fond memories or a special moment. It can include a religious reading of your selection. Prior to committing the ashes/body to the sea, the captain reads this certificate/poem. Our approach is to celebrate the life and to convey the tradition of burial at sea. Upon committment of ashes/body, we circle the area three times as our final farewell, scattering flowers and petals to commemorate the site. Throughout each service, music is available to make the moment special and memorable.

Should you need to accommodate a larger group, we can suggest the appropriate vessel within his network of Burial at Sea providers.

For information, contact us at (310) 714-0548.

Music is also available. Feel free to let us know what music you would like or provide your own. Both vessels are equipped with bluetooth speakers.

The “HATTITUDE” is a custom 50’ yachtfisher. Designed for smaller groups and more personalized service, this yacht is popular for trips to extended destinations.

We are frequently asked to go to Catalina Island for it’s secluded coves and crystalline water. We also have the ability to commit the cremains in unique ways.  For instance, the cremains can be placed in exact locations by a scuba diver. If you have a specific request, we will do our best to fulfill it. 

1-6 people: $695

Long Beach: $825 | Palos Verdes $950 | Point Vicente $950
Redondo Beach: $1050 | Catalina Island: $1650


The "ASANTE" is a 40-foot Seaway locally built for Southern California waters. Powered by twin 400-horsepower engine efficient diesel engines (no fumes/smell) with a cruising speed
of 20 knots (23 mph).

1-6 people: $695
7-12 people: $775
13-27 people: $850

For details, contact us at (310) 714-0548.   *Ask about our cash discounts.


Psalty Adventures
141 West 22nd Street
22nd Landing
San Pedro, CA 90731